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Professional: Laura Mercedes
Professional: Portraits
Professional: Enjoy your flight
Professional: Fashion photoshoot Antwerp Ariadna

Portraits and commercials in our typical photo style. 
Glamour, fashion, artists, portraits.. Ads for companies.




Interior architector, design, furnitue, real estate and retail.
Because we love the beauty of a perfect shape.

Design: On walls
Design: Furnified
Design: Interior Living Projects


Tekst: Sofie De Schampheleire - Foto's: Cristina de la Madera

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Cristina de la Madera
0032 477 71 92 35
BTW BE 880 975 081
Cristina de la Madera

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Map: Gitschotellei 141, 2600 Antwerpen


As a child, I was always writing stories. Later I changed my little books into an analogue camera. The stories became prints, made with lots of patient in the dark room. I improved my technique in Antwerp en Rotterdam and my new world became more perfect, with the right light for the right image.

The world became harder, with deep black contrasts and shadows.

Our L-calendar was reviewed as "most popular" in the American mag Curve and The German L-mag as "like a filmstill".

The love for the perfect shape and image resulted in a growing love for design and interior photography.